Welcome to Real Maris Resort and Hotel!

Just when you thought you've seen and heard everything Boracay has to offer, think again. Real Maris Resort and Hotel offers superb, value-for-money accommodations. Genuine comfort awaits you at the blissful Real Maris Resort and Hotel. With its innovative amenities and facilities, you can luxuriate in a haven tucked away in Boracay's Station 1. The resort's intimately designed rooms mirror the warmth and the relaxed vibe of the island for a most rewarding stay. Real Maris' friendly staff personnel are always ready to attend to your needs while ensuring that you are well taken care of as you indulge in a most plush experience that only this one-of-a-kind beach resort can provide.

Real Maris Resort & Hotel, a luxury hotel situated on a renowned beach recognized all over the world, Boracay. Come visit us and marvel at the sugar beaches, crystal clear waters, sunny skies and beautiful starry nights.

Facilities and Services

Find a soothing spot where you can unwind after some fun in the sun. Real Maris Resort and Hotel reasonably priced airconditioned rooms guarantee comfort and ease with their balcony, bath tub, toilet and shower, cable TV, DVD player, and mini-bar. While rooms at Real Maris Resort and Hotel are cozy and snug, there are still more pleasures to be had with our facilities and services.

There's more island excitement at Real Maris Resort and Hotel. Loosen up with a dip in the pool and some drinks at the bar. Delicious cuisine can also be enjoyed at the restaurant. Such delights will invigorate your senses at Real Maris Resort and Hotel.


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